The Information Technology Industry has seen a lot of changes over the past 30 years.  We started off recruiting RPG II and RPG III Programmers for the AS/400 Systems, which began replacing the large cumbersome mainframe systems in the 90’s.  Then we saw the onset of networked systems and C++ Programming became vogue.

Information Technology IndustryThe DOT.Com revolution came and went and then ERP was the talk of the town.  There were some great technology innovations that took place and many companies morphed.  SAP, ORACLE and MICROSOFT have all become household names but within the past several years, there have been some revolutionary advancements and some great companies have hit the scenes namely because our computer processing power and the cloud are allowing for nearly unlimited computing capacity and storage.

Digital Transformation is what everyone is talking about.  Artificial Intelligence, Computer Learning, The Internet of Things (IOT) is going to transform the way businesses are going to run in the future.  The ability to take these huge data silos’ and be able to have Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) be able to extrapolate this data into predicable analytics to make good business decisions is what many companies are striving for and investing Billions of dollars to achieve.

The key to success for companies is to partner with the right Technology Partner but more important, have the right individuals in place who can help guide this effort and make sure you don’t invest money in software and/or products you don’t need.

SNRG Corporation has almost thirty years placing professionals in the Technology Sector.  We pride ourselves in keeping up to date on the latest advances as well as the professionals that are driving the changes in the industry.  We can help bring you the people you are going to need that will help with your Digital Transformation initiatives.


  • President and CEO
  • COO
  • CIO
  • CTO
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • SVP, Chief Technical Officer
  • Vice President, Application Development
  • Vice President, Shared Services
  • Advanced Technology Executive
  • Executive Director, Big Data Management
  • Implementation Manager
  • Solutions Architect Director
  • Account Executive
  • Vice President of Sales, Worldwide
  • Vice President, Human Resources
  • Vice President, Software Engineering
  • Senior Director, Engineering
  • Managing Director, IT Audit
  • Regional Vice President, Sales
  • Director, Application Development
  • Manager, Professional Services
  • Applications Development Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Engagement Support Director
  • Program Director