The Specialty Manufacturing Industry and Aerospace Segment are admittedly a bit broad in nature.  Having said that, many of our Specialty Manufacturing and Aerospace Industry clients on the Manufacturing side are companies that provide Specialty Manufacturing and Aerospace Industryproducts and services to the Aerospace, Energy and Oil and Gas Industry.  These companies include specialty Drilling Products, Valves, Compressors, Downhole Products, Turbo Machinery, Highly Specialized Machined Products, Light to Medium Industrial Manufacturing as well as Heavy Industrial Fabrication and Modularization.

For nearly 30 years, we have assisted a variety of Specialty Manufacturing companies around the world with strategic recruiting initiatives.  At SNRG Corporation, we take time to come and see your operations and visit one or more of your facilities, so we have a clear understanding of your day-to-day operations and some of the challenges that you are facing.

Our success in identifying talent for the Specialty Manufacturing and Aerospace Industry is listening to our client and understanding EXACTLY the types of professionals we need to recruit who will have a profound positive impact on our client’s operations.

Below is a partial list of some the successful search engagement that SNRG Corporation has conducted.


  • President and CEO
  • COO
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Chief Commercial Officer
  • Director of Controls and Automation
  • Vice President, Manufacturing
  • Vice President of R&D
  • Vice President of Sales and Marketing
  • Director, Quality Assurance
  • Director, Compliance and Audit
  • Production Manager
  • Machining and Materials Manager
  • Plant Manager
  • Engineering Manager
  • Manufacturing Manager
  • Director, Quality Assurance
  • Client Engagement Manager
  • Programming Manager
  • Manager of Aerospace Engineering and Technical Services
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Manager of Supply Chain
  • Manager of R&D
  • Applications Engineering Manager
  • Account Executive
  • Manager of Non-Destructive Testing