In the Gulf Coast, the Maritime Industry is continuing to see a continued increase in vessel traffic and port activity has been at an all time high.  There are numerous expansions planned or underway to handle the increased traffic brought about by the expanded Panama Canal and the burgeoning Export of Oil, Petrochemicals and other refined products to ports abroad.

 Maritime Industry

With technological advancements, the Maritime industry is becoming more efficient in being able to have less down time and more time on and off-loading their cargo in a more efficient manner.  The overall Maritime industry is becoming ever more streamlined and is beginning to attract Industry professionals from outside of the Maritime industry.

With this trend changing, some of the strategic hiring initiatives have been focused more on an individual’s ability to bring in new ideas and new ways to look at the entire supply chain as it relates to day-to-day maritime operations.

SNRG Corporation can assist in strategic hiring initiatives for your Maritime needs.  This is another industry that is going to experience a talent shortage and we can help meet your business objectives by bringing you just the type of individuals who will positively impact your Maritime Operations.


  • Port Authority CEO
  • Port Authority COO
  • Chief Commercial Officer
  • Senior Director, BCO
  • Global Accounts Director
  • Head of Finance
  • Vice President of Terminal Operations
  • Purchasing Director
  • Safety Director
  • Vice President of External Affairs
  • Reginal Sales Manager, Trade Development
  • Operations Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Supply and Logistics Manager
  • Terminal Manager
  • International Trade Manager
  • General Manager, Ro/Ro and General Bulk